Vision Builders – Part 2

vision builders – part 2




During July 2018, I posted a blog about the commencement of VISION BUILDERS at Spires Life Church. In that blog I wrote about “The Heart of a Vision Builder,” as well as the purpose of the VISION BUILDERS initiative. After some initial communication, we launched the VISION BUILDERS initiative at our annual Vision Sunday on the 28th October 2018. VISION BUILDERS exists to meet certain financial needs without impinging on the general budget. Included in these needs are:

  • Office computer upgrade.
  • Building maintenance & upgrades.
  • Mission initiatives.
  • Debt reduction.

The idea was that by the end of November 2018, people would signify their financial pledges to VISION BUILDERS over and above their regular weekly giving; and in early February we would re-visit the idea of VISION BUILDERS in one of our Sunday morning messages for encouragement and accountability. By the end of November numerous people made their pledges: some signified giving weekly amounts, some monthly amounts, and some signified giving “once off” larger amounts. After the message in early February 2019 titled “Honour Your Vows,” some people either took up the challenge to be involved or were reminded of their initial pledge from November 2018 and became part of the VISION BUILDERS initiative. As of 23rd April 2019, $10,904.10 has been received into the VISION BUILDERS account over and above regular giving; this is in addition to the $3500.00 that was given to purchase the John Deere ride on mower just prior to the VISION BUILDERS initiative being established.   Current projects and initiatives that will be completed by the end of May 2019, and which will be financed by VISION BUILDERS are:

  • Renovation and make over of Ladies toilets in the main building.
  • Storage in the Children’s Ministry Centre for Playgroup, Camp Sonshine, Kids Club.
We are so thankful and appreciative of your generosity to the VISION BUILDERS initiative, as it allows us to facilitate projects that fall outside of our general budget. We believe that as we continue to invest in and through VISION BUILDERS, all of us will see, not just good care and maintenance of buildings, facilities and ministries, but we will also see kingdom growth.
Pastor Gordon Bassett

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